Newpave Asphalt

Recycling & Sustainability Initiatives

Being sustainable involves more than just reducing our own environmental footprint; it also influences the choices we make – as an asphalt producer, road construction contractor, corporate citizen and through the services we offer our customers.

We view sustainability as a source of competitive advantage. By integrating sustainability into our business strategy, operations and organisational culture we aim to be a market leader in both sustainability and recycling in the road construction sector.

Our practices and principals are structured around ethical and environmental considerations to ensure that we are not causing undue harm to the environments in which we operate.

Newpave Asphalt current sustainability initiatives include:

  1. Recycling of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) for use in asphalt mixes
  2. Warm Mix Asphalt Production
  3. Utilising our Recycling Plant (used for blending virgin & recycled materials for use in sub grade pavements)
  4. Using recycled slag aggregate in asphalt mixes
  5. Using recycled glass in asphalt mixes
  6. Using recycled tyres in asphalt mixes (i.e. crumb rubber)
  7. Natural gas is used to power our asphalt plant (not electricity or diesel like other local plants)
  8. Purchasing new asphalt laying equipment, vehicles and trucks with leading technology to minimise emissions and noise. Most of our equipment is less than 3 years old.

Newpave Asphalt is constantly looking to improve the impact that we have on the local environments in which we operate. As technology improves, we expect that we can add to the above measures to better our overall sustainability performance.

Recycling of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement for use in asphalt mixes:

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements (RAP) has been described as the most recycled product on earth in terms of weight (source – Viva Energy Website).

Newpave Asphalt has promoted the use of RAP since our inception. We utilise RAP asphalt mixes on RMS, Council and private works where allowed.

Newpave Asphalt is an Approved Recycling facility to accept up to 25,000 tonnes per annum of RAP at our Tomago Asphalt plant facility.

Newpave Asphalt has screener to grade RAP into various sizes. By grading material into we can ensure the accuracy of our production.

Newpave currently has asphalt mixes approved and registered with Transport for NSW as follows:

  • AC14HD (15% RAP)
  • AC20HD (15% RAP)
  • AC20HD (25% RAP)

Benefits of using Recycled Asphalt Pavements (RAP)

  • Reduces the energy and raw materials used in the asphalt manufacturing process.
  • Prevents waste and pollution from dumping of profiled pavement into a landfill.
  • Saves the money that would be spent on landfill.
  • Leaves the aggregate intact for future generations. (Aggregate doesn’t degrade quickly and can be reused many times)
  • Preserves all the energy and raw materials (natural resources) that went into making the asphalt in the first place, which means less quarrying and less drilling for oil and gas.

Warm Mix Asphalt

Newpave Asphalt’s batch plant at Tomago contains leading edge technology for producing Warm Mix using foamed bitumen technology.

Benefits of Warm Mix

Warm mix asphalt (WMA) is a type of asphalt mix requiring lower production temperatures compared to hot mix asphalt (HMA), while aiming to maintain the desired post construction properties (durability, rut resistance etc.) of HMA.

WMA products have recently been gaining attention due to the increasing emphasis on protecting the environment. By lowering the production temperature, a reduction in emissions is possible.

In addition, there are other potential benefits as follows:

  • Uses less fuel for manufacturing of the asphalt mix.
  • cleaner working environment due to a reduction in fumes and odour during production and placement
  • safer working environment due to lower temperatures during production and placement
  • the possibility of retaining the workability of the mix after longer haulage (due to lower limit in workable temperature and slower temperature reduction rate)
  • the possibility of placement in cooler weather (thus extending the construction season)
  • Warm Mix Technology has been used widely throughout Europe in recent decades with much success

(Source – Austroads Warm Mix Research paper).

Recycling Plant

Newpave Asphalt has recently purchased a Road base recycling plant that was used on the Toowoomba Range Project in Queensland. The plant was manufactured by Amann.

The plant can be viewed on this link .

The acquisition of the recycling plant will increase Newpave Asphalts ability to recycle what otherwise may have been considered waste products in an environmentally friendly fashion.

The plant is designed to:

  1. Produce bitumen treated Road base, Rap, Cold Mix, or specialised road base products
  2. The plant can produce/or recycle road base of any type with the addition of lime, fly ash, cement and or Bitumen
  3. The bitumen can be foamed into the road base
  4. The plant is also capable of recycling RAP with the addition of Bitumen or other products as listed above
  5. The plant can produce all the products at optimum moisture levels
  6. All feed rates are controlled
  7. All belts are weighed
  8. The plant has a continuous mixer
  9. The plant could be utilised within road corridors or on large council or RMS stockpile sites
  10. The plant can precoat aggregate as well on site
  11. The plant would not be classed as an itinerant activity
  12. There is no combustion process

Recycled Glass

Newpave Asphalt has been using Recycled Glass in the production of Asphalt to Transport for NSW Specifications.  This Innovative Solution reduces costs while minimising the impact on the environment by utilising waste products that would otherwise end up in land fill.

Newpave have been working in conjunction with Newcastle City Council to deliver the following  Transport for NSW Funded Projects around Newcastle City.

  • Northcote Drive, Kotara
  • Lookout Road, New Lambton Heights
  • Vine Street, Mayfield
  • Maitland Road, Sandgate