Newpave Asphalt

Scone Bypass

Newpave Asphalt recently completed the Scone Bypass, a significant state and federal-funded project on the New England Highway. The bypass provided an alternative, unimpeded route around town and removed a large number of heavy vehicles from the town centre.  The upgrade consisted of a two lane bypass to the west of Scone and three bridges, providing a grade separated intersection at the Southern end, as well as crossing over both the rail lines south of Scone and  Kingdon and Liverpool Streets.

The 10 month contract, from July 2019 to April 20, consisted of a mixture of overlay and mill and fill, with Newpave Spraying in excess of 152,000 m2 of Spray Seal and laying over 32,000 tonnes of Asphalt, that was produced from Newpave Asphalts Tomago Plant and transported approximately 145kms to Scone.

On large scale projects such as this,  an IRI (International Ride Index) is used to evaluate new pavement construction by comparing it to other road surfaces for smoothness of ride. They are a clear measure of quality, environmental and safety standards.  Transport NSW also use it to determine penalties or bonus payments based on smoothness.  Newpave achieved an Industry Best ride outcome on this project of IRI 0.90, and accordingly, Transport for NSW provided Newpave with a significant incentive bonus.