Newpave Asphalt

Surface Defect Inspections

Crack measuring and defect logging can be a dangerous and expensive task when done manually. They usually require traffic control operators, multiple surveyors and site visits from the clients to insure no issues arise. All that can now be bypassed with our Pavement Video Logging feature, allowing us to accurately measure cracks and other defects in the pavement, all without having to exit the vehicle and at normal road speeds.

This allows us to:

  • To flag and categorise any defect on the pavement during surface inspections
  • Plot GPS points of said defect to sub meter accuracy
  • Calculate the size of the defect i.e. length of crack, circumference of pothole
  • Report it in a easy to read GIS mapping format as well as itemised listings of defects and defect locations

All without any traffic control and without disturbance to normal traffic flow, thus creating a safer collection of data.


  • Small and large-scale network surveys
  • Pre-construction quality surveys
  • Routine condition surveying for maintenance planning


  • Comprehensive report on road defects
  • GIS mapping of defects displayed and plotted on google maps
  • GPS stamped locations of defects (sub meter accuracy)
  • Itemised list of defects and locations


  • Can collect any number of defects
  • Operating speed from 0-100km/h
  • Easily coupled to include TPL (rutting), Video Logging and Laser Profiler roughness (IRI & NAASRA) or Condition and Environment reporting
  • No need for expensive and dangerous traffic management when surveying at traffic speeds