Newpave Asphalt

Transverse Profile Survey

Transverse Profile Survey ( Rutting )

The Transverse Profile Logger (TPL) is used to measure the transverse profile (i.e. across the width of the lane). Profiles are then analysed to calculate the extent of surface rutting. This ASTM compliant device utilising 15 high quality single point laser sensors to output the industry standard transverse profile.

Compared to most laser-based Rut Bar units our TPL offers a higher number of contact points to provide higher quality transverse profiles then others with fewer points of contact. This laser version offers the heightened accuracy of laser-based equipment while maintaining much of its robustness.

Data software then analyses the profiles to calculate the extent of wheel path rutting under a theoretical straight edge.


  • Small and large-scale network surveys
  • Post-construction quality surveys
  • Routine condition surveying for maintenance planning


  • Transverse profile
  • Rut depth
  • Operating speed from 0-100km/h
  • Easily coupled to include sub meter GPS accuracy, Video Logging and Laser Profiler roughness (IRI & NAASRA)
  • No need for expensive and dangerous traffic management when surveying at traffic speeds
  • Reports can be set to any interval > 1m

Why Test?

  • Rutting prevents water from flowing off the roadway.
  • Ruts redirect water along the longitudinal path.
  • The risk of aquaplaning accidents is greater when ruts depths are larger than 7.6mm. The risk further increases when this rut depth is combined with mild cross fall slopes (less than 1.8%).
  • Ruts can cause tire drag. This will cause the vehicle to either veer towards the oncoming traffic, or to the kerb.