Newpave Asphalt

Video Logging Survey

Recording the condition of the road before construction of a road commences is strongly recommended to capture the pavement surface condition because it acts as a baseline to contractual key performance indicators and creates a crystal clear reference of site features without having to visit.

Our Video Logger records pavement and right of way videos set at the interval required by the Client. The system records laser based pavement imagery as high-quality jpeg images of the pavement surface. These images can be supplied in raw format or if required pavement surface defects can be rated.

The software is capable of capturing images of cracks and potholes and calculating the length or area of the defect or simply capturing and recording any feature on or just off the road.

The video files do not require specialist software and allow for imagery to be viewed through most proprietary media software (e.g. MPC, VLC player, QuickTime).

Right of way (ROW) Cameras

ROW cameras focus primarily on the surroundings and assets within the road corridor. Progressive scanning cameras record high resolution images of the ROW and output them as .AVIs or .JPEGs.

Pavement View Cameras

Mounted perpendicular to the road these cameras record detailed images of the pavement surface. These images are processed to identify and measure visible pavement defects like cracking and potholes. This method is safer and more accurate than site inspections.


  • Small and large-scale network surveys
  • Pre-construction quality surveys
  • Routine condition surveying for maintenance planning


  • Videos supplied on a USB or online via a downloadable link.
  • Manual range of surface defects; pavement and kerb and channel defect location and condition.
  • Asset condition on rating, asset type, location and condition.


  • Video logging is a great way to show your work to your clients.
  • Any defects will be picked up in the videos which will enable you to see them on a screen.