Newpave Asphalt

Visual Condition Rating

Visual Condition And Environment Reporting

This feature allows us to perform comprehensive condition reports on road. Features such as gutter condition, road condition, line marking quality, or any other feature required to be documented. This reporting is done using our 60 key event board to mark events and conditions, in real time, of a road or road system. This gives our surveyors the opportunity to collect a wide range of data with high accuracy.

  • Reporting single events such as defects in the road i.e.. potholes, cracks
  • Reporting on continuous events such as bridges, patch work, or any other event that is over a certain distance of the road
  • Reporting on switched continuous events such as varying quality of the road condition or any other features of the road i.e.. visual condition report switching between good – average


  • Small and large-scale network surveys
  • Pre-construction quality surveys
  • Routine condition surveying for maintenance planning


  • Comprehensive report on condition and environment surveyed
  • GIS mapping of notable condition events displayed on google maps
  • GPS stamped locations of condition. Events (sub meter accuracy)


  • Can collect up to 60 combinations of events
  • Operating speed from 0-100km/h
  • Easily coupled to include TPL (rutting), Video Logging and Laser Profiler roughness (IRI & NAASRA)
  • No need for expensive and dangerous traffic management when surveying at traffic speeds

Why ?

  • Defects will be accurately marked and the affected areas will be fixed.
  • If these aren’t detected, they can cause cracking and potholes in the road, which could lead to accidents.
  • Reporting on events such as bridges will allow signage to be installed in the correct location. This will ensure that road users are well aware of the road environment.