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Our Story

Established in 2013, Newpave Asphalt soon became a market leader in the Hunter Valley. We won many panel contracts with councils and Transport NSW.

Through our dynamic and innovative approach, we have become experts in asphalt manufacturing, construction, testing, haulage, traffic management, profiling, stabilisation and spray seal.

We’ve built a team of highly regarded, knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

We built new manufacturing facilities and a laboratory, which is NATA accredited, to ensure our products meet the highest quality specifications.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to having the most advanced and reliable plant and equipment available.

We employ the best talent in our industry to ensure we deliver the best quality projects and successful outcomes for our customers.

Management Team

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John Fletcher

Managing Director

John has over 30yrs of asphalt industry experience with 26 of those within management and ownership. There isn’t anything John hasn’t witnessed or experienced within the asphalt industry. John has successfully been involved in the design and construction of several fixed asphalt plants in NSW and Qld. John has completed many major projects over the years including the runway project at Broome International airport ($12m) and Hobart International Airport taxiway upgrade ($9m)


Geoff Cox


Geoff has over 25yrs experience as an owner/manager within the asphalt industry. A fitter machinist with proven experience over decades in procurement and management of asphalt plants. Significant experience in all aspects of asphalt laying, paving and compaction through to design. Geoff is an experienced asphalt batching plant operator, along with experience in logistics, scheduling and contract negotiation.


Sam Carruthers


Gerard’s work life started in the civil industry operating plant equipment such as front end loader and excavators. With over 30yrs experience, Gerard is responsible for recycling our asphalt products(RAP) which is reused in production of new asphalt. With 20yrs asphalt experience, Gerard has worked in numerous divisions of the business including batch plant, batcher, plant manager and transport manager.


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We think of sustainability as more than just reducing our environmental footprint. It influences decisions in all aspects of our operation. As an asphalt producer, road construction contractor and corporate citizen we are constantly thinking of our impact on the environment and future generations.

We strive to lead the industry in recycling in the road construction sector.
Recent initiatives include:

  • Recycling of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) for use in asphalt mixes
  • Warm Mix Asphalt Production
  • Using our Recycling Plant (blending virgin & recycled materials)
  • Using recycled slag aggregate, glass and tyres in asphalt mixes
  • Natural gas powers our plant (electricity & diesel are often used by competitors)
  • The purchase of vehicles and laying equipment with low emission technology to minimise emissions.

In short, sustainability is integrated into the way we do business.