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Mooney Mooney Creek Bridge

Product Information

  1. Client: Transport for NSW
  2. Service: Asphalt
  3. Location: Mooney Mooney bridge


One of the most heavily trafficked bridges in Australia. The first major upgrade since the bridge was constructed in 1986. This project involved the complete resurfacing. It was paved with an intermediate course with speciality R127 bridge mix and a wearing course with R119 open-graded asphalt.


The project was technically and logistically challenging. Paving the intermediate course required:

  • Set up approx. 5 km of traffic control
  • Profiling to the concrete bridge deck with a fine drum mill
  • Drying and suction sweeping the concrete surface
  • Surveying the height of the concrete
  • Spray seal
  • Paving to levels determined by the survey, with computerised level control
  • Compaction of the asphalt with non-vibratory, oscillating rollers
  • Line marking
  • Surveying the height of the intermediate course
  • Pack up and reopen to traffic

For the wearing course, each carriageway (three lanes and 480 m length) of the bridge was paved in a single shift.


The result was a great success. The surface is now stronger, safer and will last longer. Tens of thousands of motorists using the bridge daily now enjoy a smoother ride.