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Newell Highway

Product Information

  1. Client: Transport for NSW
  2. Service: Mini Rehabilitation and Pavement Stabilisation – Newell highway – Narrabri and Moree Shires
  3. Location: Newell Highway both north of Narrabri and north of Moree
  4. Timing – 1st and 2nd Quarters 1021
  5. Project Duration – progressively over 5 months
  6. Project Value - $2,820,000
  7. Area Stabilised – 135,000m2
  8. Team Makeup – Manager, Supervisor and 8 Operators


Quality particulars
Stabilisation depth – 175mm
Stabilisation lane width 5.6m
Typical length per shift – 750m
Typical area stabilised – 4,200m2
Stabilisation product – 1.5% 70:30 slag/lime & 1.0% 60:40 slag/cement (different sites).

Process particulars
Remove traffic from working lane – one lane of single carriageway formation.
Pre- mill with 2m road profiler as existing materials were foam bitumen stabilised.
Drop dgb20 gravel to accommodate highs and lows and the trimming process.
Drop the stabilisation powder.
Dry mix pass to blend the insitu material and powder – to produce a homogeneous material.
Connect semi water tanker to rm400 stabiliser.
Wet mix pass to moisture condition the materials to 2% dry of optimum.
Grade, trim and shape the formation.
Compact the materials with smooth drum and multi tyred rollers – 102% standard characteristic.
Return traffic to new stabilised formation at end of shift.
Maintain curing moisture conditions 24 hrs/day until sealing – pavements remain under highway traffic conditions.
Apply 2-coat 14/7mm bitumen seal – C240.
Line mark and delineate.

Material Supply
Stabilisation Product – Wagners Brisbane
DGB20 – Johnson Quarries Narrabri and Moree
Sealing aggregates – Johnson Quarries Narrabri and Moree
Bitumen – Viva