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Newpave Asphalt Services

Newpave Asphalt commissioned a state of the art asphalt batch plant located at Tomago, NSW in late 2015. The batch plant was manufactured and designed by Benninghoven, a market leading company renowned worldwide for producing plants that achieve optimum mix quality and consistency. Newpave’ s batch plant can produce upwards of 200 tonnes per hour with 140 tonnes of hot asphalt storage.

Newpave’s batch plant features the most advanced & innovative technology currently available in the market. Newpave is able to produce a number of speciality mixes that many asphalt plants cannot manufacture including Warm Mix Asphalt using foamed bitumen technology. Warm Mix Asphalt has been used extensively in recent times in European and American markets. Warm Mix Asphalt and has superior performance and environmental benefits when compared to traditional hot mix asphalt.

The plant is powered by natural gas which is less emissions intensive, when compared to conventional asphalt plants that run off electricity or diesel.

Newpave Asphalt offers a myriad of different services, including but not limited to;

  • Asphalt manufacturing
  • Ex-bin asphalt sales
  • Emulsion sales
  • Haulage
  • Insitu stabilisation
  • Spray seal
  • Crack sealing
  • Asphalt & civil construction
  • Profiling services
  • Line marking
  • Materials testing
  • Traffic control
  • Project management
  • Equipment hire

Newpave Asphalt believes that one of the requirements for consistently achieving the best quality of work is to have the best quality equipment.

We invest heavily in our fleet, which includes state-of-the-art Caterpiller tracked and wheeled pavers, tracked Material Transfer Vehicles (MTV), Caterpiller rollers, and live bottom asphalt haulage trailers.

Newpave has a skilled and professional team, including specialist operators, to ensure that projects are completed to the optimum quality and safety standards.

Ensuring our job is completed to the highest standard and to our client’s satisfaction is our primary concern on any project. Relationships with clients and our overall reputation is of paramount importance to us.